The Adult Tennis Ladder League Matches are now open for entries. These are the rules to take part in the ladder.

  • Matches will be best of 3 sets. First to 4 games (Tie break 4-4) 3rd set 10 point breaker.
  • All matches can be played indoors or outdoors (agreed between players).
  • Players leaving the league or who have not played will be removed.
  • You may challenge a player a maximum 2 spaces above you.
  • To challenge a player, contact them via call/text. (Tel No on Player card)
  • New players are placed at the bottom of the league.
  • You may not challenge the same player in the same week, unless you have challenged someone else in that week.
  • A player issued a direct challenge must respond within 48hours, failure to reply will result in a win for the challenging player.
  • Both players bring balls.




For more information, please contact the Tennis Office Manager Dan Arnot on 0208 994 3314 or