Adult/Junior Golf Tournament match report

Match report from Friday’s Adult/Junior Golf Tournament.
Thank you to everyone who participated, we hope you all enjoyed it as much as us!

Counting all 9 holes category:
1. Miguel Moitas & Ben McFadden (27)
2. Michael Tak Tak & Daniel Tak Tak (29)

7 of 9 holes:
1. Eric Runquist  & Jackson Runquist (21)
2. Michael Tak Tak & Hector Onno (24)
3. Daniel Tak Tak & Adam Rao (25)
4. Jane Mumby & James Mumby (26)

Nearest the pin Ben McFadden on hole 9 18 feet away from the hole

22 teams participated.

Miguel and Ben have now won this event back to back and defending champions. Eric and Jackson put together a superb score with the help of Jacksons short game, chipping in on hole 4 from an outrageous position and holing out on hole 9 from 30 feet. Daniel and Adam have made a big jump into 3rd from their previous position of 11th in our last family greensome back in October. They would of had a very tight game playing with Michael and hector who just popped them to second spot this time. Our fourth spot goes to the team of Jane and James Mumby with a very solid score of 26. The weather played a huge part, being fantastic all day during play. Many thanks to all who took part and I cannot wait for April 8th and do it all again!


Thanks to:
Scott Margetts
Ben Schrevel
John jennings and his green staff
Simon and his bar staff
Dukes Meadows staff