Dukes Meadows London Tennis Championship

Dukes Meadows held its annual Grade 3 LTA Tournament, which took place between Monday 11th July to Sunday 17th July.

It was a great success with some excellent tennis players all week.

During the tournament a total of 241 tennis players participated of which over 55 of the entries attends the Dukes Meadows Tennis programme.

Below are the winners of each event.

Congratulations to all of the entries on a great tournament!!

9U Boys Singles

1.Oliver Bonding – Dukes Meadows Player

2.Kobi Smith

10U Boys Singles

1.Alexandre Gruffat

2.Lorenzo Rotondi

12U Boys Singles

1.Finn Doyle

2.Zak Radziwillowicz – Dukes Meadows Player

14U Boys Singles

1.Max Graham

2.Finn Doyle

16U Boys Singles

1.David Latter

2.Derin Acaroglu

18U Boys Singles

1.Daniel Siddall

2.Ingimar Tomasson – Dukes Meadows Player

Open Men Singles

1.Raymond Diez

2.Oliver Okonkwo

Open Women Singles

1.Jennifer Gogova

2.Nanami Yamaguchi

9U Girls Singles

1.Karina Luna Guzman

1. Christine Fourie – Dukes Meadows Player

2. Victoria Shoylekova

2. Hannah Klugman

10U Girls Singles

1.Giulia Lesa

2.Kayal Parameswaran – Dukes Meadows Players

12U Girls Singles

1.Ranah Akua Stoiber – Dukes Meadows Player

2.Nicole Kells – Dukes Meadows Player

14U Girls Singles

1.Charlotte Tatham

2.Abisola Pitan

16U Girls Singles

1.Susanna Skarlosh

2.Kung Phimlee

18U Girls Singles

1.Nanami Yamaguchi

2.Jennifer Gogova

8U Mixed Singles

1.Tommaso Cuomo

2.Amar Bajwa – Dukes Meadows Player

14U Boys Doubles

1.Max Graham  – Tarique Tonge-Bobia

2.Felix Mischker – Tyson Snagg – Dukes Meadows Players

14U Girls Doubles

1.Jorja Reynolds – Lucy Webber

2.Ingrid Fourie – Charlotte Tatham – Dukes Meadows Player

Open Men Doubles

1.Michael Morphy – Zachary Phillips – Dukes Meadows Players

2.Oliver Dowling – Marley Silcott

Open Women Doubles

1.Katie Dando – Alexandra Kramer – Dukes Meadows Players

2.Nell Arendt – Jennifer Gogova












Ranah vs Devas

Claudia Bjerregaard- logo

Katie Dando copy

sam vs Zak


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