Dukes Meadows and LSE tennis team up for a third year

For the past two years Dukes Meadows has been the home of tennis to the London School of Economics and this will continue for the 2014/2015 season after an agreement was made earlier this month.

LSE, whose men’s 1st team kicked off their campaign with a defeat to Bournemouth yesterday, will train at Dukes Meadows every Friday and Sunday with home matches taking place on Wednesday. As part of the arrangement they will also participate in some Dukes Meadows tennis matches and occasionally train with members of FC**tennis.

Captain of LSE tennis Jack Ashfield is delighted to carry on playing on what he calls ‘outstanding tennis facilities’.

He said: “For us its’ a fantastic arrangement, even if it’s about an hour’s commute the team doesn’t mind because we know we are using outstanding tennis facilities. We love playing matches here, especially with their being a tennis academy because you really get the feeling that this is an important tennis centre, it’s always nice to play at those kinds of places.

“We train on Sundays and Fridays and have matches on Wednesdays; for sure it feels like home because we do a lot of hours here and are now very use to the courts. Practicing with the academy is also really useful as we know we are testing ourselves against some of the country’s finest players. It gives us an idea of the standard we are at.”

LSE have three tennis teams. The men’s 1st team play in the Premier South Division, the men’s 2nd team play in the Southern Eastern 1A division and the Women’s 1st team also compete in the Southern Eastern 1A.

James Lenton, Head of FC**tennis, believes the partnership benefits both establishments.

He said: “The great thing is we get to see more high quality tennis at the centre; a lot of their players can help contribute when playing our team matches and also have hits with the academy.  LSE know they are playing at one of the finest tennis centres in the country which is obviously important for such a well recognised University.”

Last season LSE men’s 1st team were extremely successful, defeating Loughborough on the way to the quarter-finals of the knockout stages. They are hoping to go even further this year! The women’s 1st team narrowly missed out on promotion to the top division.