Road to Wimbledon – Sunday 30th April


There are separate events for girls and boys. Players must be 14 & under (born 1 Sept 2002 – 31 Aug 2006) and must be rated 10.2 – 7.1 or have no rating as of 13 April 2017.

The girl and/or boy winner(s)  of the event will be invited to the County Finals on 15-16 July.

County Finals will be graded 4.

Runners up of the County Finals will be invited to attend a coaching clinic on Saturday 19th August at Wimbledon with Tim Henman and Dan Bloxham.

The girl and boy winner of each County Final will be invited to play at Wimbledon from 14-19 August in the National Finals. (An additional four lucky losers from the County Finals will also be invited to the National Finals).

The National Finals will be graded 3.

All finals competitors will receive an HSBC Road to Wimbledon souvenir, an invitation to the Players Party, Wimbledon Museum voucher, organised Tours of the Grounds (includes family and friends) and daily accommodation/meal allowance.

Players may only enter one Road to Wimbledon event in 2017 (a player can only compete in one ‘venue’ event and cannot play in both the venue stage and the International pathway). Players must also have played at National/International Finals no more than twice.