Introducing our new Tennis Programme Manager Simon Ainley

Simon joined Dukes Meadows this month and will take the role of Tennis Programme Manager.

Simon brings a wealth of experience to Dukes Meadows in working with top players.  We believe he is the right man to improve the already extremely talented bunch of players we have in our tennis academy and on our programmes.

Simon’s massive reputation in tennis means he will also bring other players to the centre, which can only help improve the overall quality and standard of training at Dukes Meadows.

As an individual coach Simon has worked with players who have won titles at both junior and senior international level as well as many GB national champions. Most recently Simon combined coach education and individual coaching with the running of an LTA High Performance Centre.

In his early career he was the Welsh National Coach for six years, was part of the LTA national training staff and was the GB under 12 age group captain.

Simon is also experienced in coach education, tutoring and writing material for senior and master level courses.  A career highlight was speaking at the Grand Slam Coaches conference.  He’s also worked as a consultant for international governing bodies.

Dukes Meadows Director of Tennis James Lenton said: “Simon has been a major influence in performance tennis in the South East of England for almost 10 years and his programme at Riverside has proven to produce top quality players year after year. We believe that introducing Simon in the key Programme Manager role, Dukes Meadows will be significantly strengthening its service to parents and players both on and off the court.”

His primary role will be coaching our academy FC**tennis but he will also take 1 on 1 sessions.

We are delighted to welcome Simon to the Dukes Meadows team and look forward to a long and successful partnership.

Welcome to Dukes Meadows Simon Ainley

Welcome to Dukes Meadows Simon Ainley