NCL Match at Dukes Meadows vs Sutton – Results

Sunday 24th June

Dukes Meadows Mens First Team fell to Sutton on Sunday with the final scoreline at 4-8. Despite the overall result, Dukes Meadows made it into the playoffs! There was great tennis played all round by both sides.

Congratulations to all that played!

Dukes Meadows Team – Neil Bamford, Adam Thornton Brown, Harry Skinner, Finn Bass, Nicholas Nugent


MS1 Harry Skinner Evan Hoyt 0-6 1-6
MS2 Neil Bamford Alexander Jhun 6-3 6-7 6-3
MS3 Adam Thornton-Brown Alexis Canter 4-6 0-6
MS4 Joshua Jones Emile Hudd 3-6 2-6
MD1 Finn Bass

Neil Bamford

Tom Farquharson

Alexander Jhun

6-4 6-4
MD2 Nicholas Nugent

Joshua Jones

Alexis Canter

Emile Hudd

3-6 5-7