Ryder cup + scores from last week

Ryder cup + scores from last week

What an amazing weekend of golf all round. A huge congratulations to the European team for their outstanding efforts to win the Ryder Cup in France!



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Another huge congratulations to all 52 of you for your outstanding efforts at our very own Dukes Meadows Ryder Cup here in London!!

The weather here was beautiful on Sunday morning as two teams of 26 tee’d off in glorious sunshine. There were some nervous shots but most of you managed to miss the lake on the 1st so well played to all of you

The final score was USA 7 ½ and Europe 5 ½ which meant if we had only 1 match go the other way it would have been a tie. Congratulations the USA team and unlucky Europe.

The final pairings scores are as follows:

                Europe                                                      USA 

Melvyn Altshuler & Rita Biddulph   V  Kam Chat & Heather Mackenzie  1 up USA     

April Todd & Mary Murray   V  Carmine Brudenell & Shelagh Lafferty 3 & 2 USA                        

Emilio Gardeta & Wojciech Rogowicz V  Paul Delo & Charles Delo  All Square         

Paul Dallaston & Mark Call  V  Henry Pitts & Jan Norton 1 up Europe   

Christian Mclarnon & Matt Samonek  V  Harry Brydon & Daniel Taktak  All Square       

Nina Humphreys & Katsumi Hirata  V  Jay Shah & Rickie St Omer  2 & 1 Europe   

Hazel Warburton & Jim Olliffe  Merlyn Law & Barbara Rayment 4 & 3 USA   

Digby Walker & Mark Beard  V  Alex Pike & Haddon Rustin 1 up USA 

Keith Leung & Pete Doherty   V  Neil Spratt & David Keene 3 & 2 USA 

Wim Decock & Fabien Christian  V Gary Toal & Thomas Dubeq  2 up USA         

Graham Crombie & Louis Burrows  V Matt Jordan & Ryan Ambrose  All Square   

Harvey Morgan & Paulo Marques  V Kurt Goodman & Ben Dovaston  3 & 1 Europe               

Dan Davis (c) & Phil Hopkins  V Mike Guyan (c) & Eric Frideen   4 & 3 Europe

That was the 5th Dukes Meadows Ryder Cup and now USA lead 3-2 overall. See you in 2020 and come on Europe!

A quick reminder that the Saturday Heineken Club returns on Saturday the 13th of October with tee times from 3pm to 4pm.

And now the other scores from the last 7 days,

Thursday roll up 27/9/18

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 15.36.59



14 of us took part in last Thursday’s roll up and amazingly none of us managed at least nett par that day! The course was playing long I know but it is still a surprising result.

Nick Bell takes the win even after his 5,5 start. Nicks golf was good enough to win a free game when he defends this week which proves you should never give up as golf is relative.

Monday roll up 01/10/18

Not quite enough players for today to be a competition but all score cards handed in will go towards your handicaps

Next Thursday roll up –04/10/2018 all day event from 8am until 5.28pm Just hand a signed card in to enter.

I will remind everyone that if you are around on a Thursday at 2pm and don’t have anyone to play with then you are most welcome to join me.

We play at the 2pm, 2.08, 2.16 and 2.24pm tee times so if fancy some very friendly competition then do come and join in!

Next Saturday Heineken Club – 13/10/2018 –with tee times from 3.00pm to 4.00pm. Everyone is welcome to come and join us but if you want a chance of winning you will need to get a Dukes Meadows handicap by submitting 2 signed scorecards anytime.

The cost is the usual £13.50 per person for nine holes but we throw a drink of your choice in for free. I recommend the Heineken!

Next Monday roll up –08/10/2017 all day event from 8am until 5.20pm Just hand a signed card in to enter.

Thank you again for all you support and good luck to everyone for this week’s competitions!