The Table Tennis Ladder is now open for entries. These are the rules to take part in the ladder.

  • Best of 3 games first to 21points. 2 clear points at 20-20.
  • 5 points each per server, except at 20-20 then 1 point each on serves.
  • Challenges can be made by phone call or text. Tel No on player card.
  • Players can only challenge a player 2 spots above them.
  • Both players should make a best effort to find an agreeable time.
  • New players start at the bottom of the ladder.
  • When you beat a player you move into a position above him. Matches are setup between players.
  • A default will occur if a player cancels a match within 2 hours of the agreed upon start time.



For more information, please contact the Neil Bamford on 0208 994 3314 or