FC** Tennis Academy Alumni

As one of the most successful youth academies in Britain, we have developed more national champions and Grand Slam main draw players than any other team of coaches in the country.


Many of the country’s current leading juniors train or have trained at FC**Tennis over the last 5 years.
Below is a list of just some of our players achievements.

Player Achievements
Nick Nugent Top British Junior
Ranah Stoiber Top British Junior
Sophya Devas Top British Junior
Nick Moreno ITF Junior Champion
Sabrina Bamburac WTA 818
Alessandra Ruggieri Top British Junior
Georgie Axon Tennis Europe Junior Champion & ITF Junior Champion
Jasmine Asghar Tennis Europe Junior Champion & ITF Junior Champion
Elena Baltacha WTA 49
Ed Corrie ATP 326
Alesha Gabb British Junior International
Iman Garshong Top British Junior
Hannah Grady WTA 548
Jeremy Gschewednter Top British Junior
Stewart Havelock British Junior International
Benjamin Heynold Tennis Europe Champion
Toby Huffer Top British Junior
Josh Jones ATP 888
Anne Keothavong WTA 48
Dasha Konotopseva WTA 932
Lauren King-Sparke Top British Junior
Ife Kuchler Top British Junior
Michael Mhangami British Junior National Champion
Laura Pettingal British Junior National Champion & Tennis Europe Junior Champion
Laura Robson WTA 38
David Rice ATP 466
Alex Slabinksy ATP 266
Eden Silver WTA 1140
Harry Skinner British Junior National Champion
Andrew Watson Top British Junior
Jessica Weeks British Junior International
Oscar Weightman Top British Junior
Ingimar Tomason Top British Junior
Donna Vekic WTA 80
Enrqiue Vidal Top British Junior