Indoor Dancersize Classes


Dancersize – For Adults

Drop in class that does not have to be booked. Dancersize is a wonderful fun way to keep fit and get full cardio work out.

The Class begins with a warm up designed to increase flexibility and Strength, then a routine with music and style changing each week for variation.  The main focus is the core, working on this will not only improve placement and balance but also strengthen and tone.

Monday 10am – 11am £10 per session

About the Trainer

Gem is a trained dancer with many years experience. Her classes are an excellent way to lose weight, stay in shape and learn some dance moves to current songs in the process.

Gem can help you target the areas that you want to focus on with specific exercises.


To find out more about joining one of Gem’s classes,
contact Gem on 07747 462428 or email