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Club Fitting Service

Dukes Meadows offers a first class custom fitting service. Stocked with the latest range of equipment from leading manufacturers and an expert club fitter on hand to help find the right clubs for you. Our club fitting bay is fitted with the latest Flightscope radar and computer club fitting technology which provides instant feedback.

Cost: The club fitting bay cost £40 per session however fitting costs are fully refunded against any equipment purchased from our Pro Shop. For more information on club fitting, please see attached.


The Importance of Custom Club Fitting

While golfers spend countless hours and money trying to find the next best driver, irons or golf ball, many do not stop to ask the question, “How can I match my clubs to my characteristics instead of using a standard set of clubs?” Everyone’s physical build and golf swing characteristics are unique and yet so many golfers use golf clubs that have a generic set composition as well as standard length, lie and loft angles. Using clubs that do not fit your swing type can affect your game and slow your progression as a golfer.

A custom golf club fitting ensures that you have the correct set that matches your unique physical attributes to your golf swing. A properly fitted set of clubs will maximise the effectiveness of your swing and help you shave countless strokes off your game. Have you ever hit an iron shot from a flat fairway and wondered why the toe side of the divot is deeper and longer than the heel? Next time you play, LOOK AT YOUR DIVOT.. Clearly, the irons you’re using are too flat and this could be the reason why you slice the ball or even miss most of your greens to the right…




The Characteristics of Fitting Golf club fittings are used to analyse the dynamics of your current clubs or find the best possible match for your new set of clubs. Your golf game will immediately benefit from the components of a fitting, which include:

● Matching the correct length for you

● Correct lie angle in relation to angles of attack

● Correct flex for your swing speed

● Correct grip size for your hand size

● Correct set composition

● Pushing the parameters to make you a better golfer

Here at Dukes Meadows we are certified club fitters for Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, Titleist and Vokey Wedges. We specialise in matching clubs to your personal swing dynamics.

Call our Pro Shop today or email miguel.moitas@dukesmeadows.com to schedule your fitting experience.

Golf Improvement in the Video Analysis Bay

Dukes Meadows offers a state of the art video analysis bay. The use of video enables analysis of movement in slow motion to detect any swing faults for faster diagnosis and correction.

The V1 system offering video analysis for the golfer, with 2 cameras for face on, and down the line viewing, giving instant visual feedback for the pupil.

Cost: £5 when booked with a golf lesson.

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